About Us



The owner, Neil Bennett, of Loans Unlimited has been in the finance industry for 15 years and enjoys nothing more than assisting clients meet their financial needs. However, what Neil has noticed over his 15 years is the finance industry is not a very personable industry and this is the exact reason why LOANS UNLIMITED was started.

Loans Unlimited strive to not only help you achieve your financial needs but make sure you feel as comfortable as possible while doing so. Whether it be a quick phone call to ask the smallest of questions or whether it be an extended meeting to help you look at all options for that next big purchase, Neil and Loans Unlimited are here to help. Coming from a sporting background, Neil loves a team environment and every client he meets will feel part of his team.

So whether it’s a personal loan for your next overseas holiday, a car loan for the new model that’s just come out or even a boat loan for that lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of, give Neil a call now and become part of the Loans Unlimited team.