Loans Unlimited is Perth’s ultimate source for different types of loans, including car, personal, and commercial finance. We are a customer-centric business whose mission is simple: to help our customers find the perfect loan.

With a combined industry experience of 25 years, we have amassed the necessary knowledge, which we believe is beneficial for our company and our customers.

We take the time to learn more about lenders and their products. Then, we discover more about you. Armed with the information we need, it allows us to provide you with the top options no matter how unique your situation may be.

We have learned over the years that every person has different requirements. Contrary to what others may tell you, loans are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all product. It means that what is best for your neighbour, friend, or family member may not work for you.

It is why there are plenty of loan types to choose from. Before you decide, we want you to let Loans Unlimited be your guide as you navigate through the immense world of loans and finance.

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Our History

Neil Bennett and Caillan Timbrell have always been passionate about the finance industry. It has its many complexities and rules, yet it is fluid and fast-paced. The duo typically focused on assisting clients who required guidance with their financial needs.

But something was missing during that time. The two realised the industry was something that people dread. Loans, for instance, would make customers uneasy. Requirements were hard to fulfil, along with the hard-to-understand terms and conditions. Things would have been much easier if only people understood their options and how to align them with their own needs.

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Neil and Caillan have been in the finance industry for a combined 25 years and enjoy nothing more than assisting clients meet their financial needs.

However, they have noticed over their years is that the finance industry is not a very personable industry and this is the exact reason why Loans Unlimited was started. We strive to not only help you achieve your financial needs but make sure you feel as comfortable as possible while doing so.

Whether it be a quick phone call to ask the smallest of questions or whether it be an extended meeting to help you look at all options for that next big purchase, Loans Unlimited are here to help. Both coming from a sporting background, Caillan and Neil love a team environment and every client Loans Unlimited meet will feel part of their team.

So whether it’s a personal loan for your next overseas holiday, a car loan for the new model that’s just come out or even a boat loan for that lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of, give Loans Unlimited a call now and let us help you achieve your goals.


Loans Unlimited Difference

Choosing a lender, insurer, or loan product is easier said than done. It is daunting, to say the least. For this reason, we have put together a team of experts that is always ready to lend a hand.

You can call for a quick chat to get answers to one, two, or a hundred questions. Perhaps you need comprehensive assistance for a significant purchase to support your business. Whatever your loan is for, you can rest assured we will be there to offer choices and give factual and practical information.

Loans Unlimited means unlimited loan options. With a vast network of lenders and providers, you can never go wrong with your choice. As you wait and figure out which loan to go for, we are here to serve as your guide throughout the whole process.

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