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You can buy the boat of your dreams with our quick, easy finance! Loans Unlimited specialises in finance for different types of marine vessels. With flexible terms, affordable rates, and an easy application process, you can own your boat just in time for Perth’s hot summer months.

Boats do not have to be out of your price range. All you need is the right loan from a trusted source. Finance is not limited to second-hand, you can purchase the brand new vessel you have always wanted to own with the help of Loans Unlimited.

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Spend More Time On The WaterWith Boat Finance
From Loans Unlimited

Is a boat loan right for you? Here’s why you should seek financing for your purchase:

  • It is tailored to your needs. It’s specifically suited for anyone who’s planning to buy a boat. We work with the leading marine lenders, which means that we can easily find the right product for you.
  • You get competitive rates. Our goal is to provide you with the financial solution you need with no hidden fees. Loans Unlimited is proudly transparent. With our “what you see is what you get” approach, you know exactly how much you should pay and can budget accordingly.
  • Pay without worries. Not enough cash to buy what you want? Not a problem at all! Simply contact us or send us an enquiry. Once approved, you can make the purchase and just pay what you owe each repayment period. It’s that easy!
  • Own it today. Are you interested in buying a ski, fishing, sail, pontoon, or multi-hull boat? Our finance is here for you. Be an owner in just a few days.

Apply for marine finance online. It only takes a few minutes of your time. From beginning to end, Loans Unlimited guarantees a hassle-free borrowing experience.

How To Benefit From ABoat Loan

One of the most important things that you need to understand is your monthly budget. Never borrow more than you can afford each month. That way, you do not run the risk of paying high fees, apart from the interest rate.

With your monthly budget determined, you can use our marine finance calculator to figure out the size of the loan you can afford comfortably. 

We take the time to review your application, assess your financial background and compare it to your requirements. It allows us to pair you up with the best lender.

We work hard so that you can get approved fast. The vessel you want may only be on the market for a limited time. For this reason, we strive to give you the fastest turnaround so that you can own the boat of your dreams within a few days!

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Loans Unlimited and let one of the experienced members of our team help you finance your Perth boat today.

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Boat Finance CalculatorHow Much Will It Cost?

No one likes surprises when it comes to repayments. When you want to get a near-accurate estimate of the repayments needed for each period, we’ve got you covered.

Our super simple boat finance calculator will give you the guidance you require. All you need to do is fill out the sections below, and our online calculator will do the rest.



1 year7 years

5 years

4% interest P.A15% interest P.A

Interest p.a. 5.1%
Repayment period:
Balloon payment:
Balloon Percent 30%

Repayment is

$278 p/w

$24900 balloon payment
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How WeCan Help

No matter the size of your boat or leisure craft, Loans Unlimited can help you get in the water faster. Get in touch with our expert team today for all of your finance and loan needs.

Contact our team on 1300 212 200 today.

Boat Loan FAQs

Boat loans work just like home or auto loans. The process is the same where you complete a loan application. Then, you will have to wait to determine whether or not you have been approved. The loan process will then continue where you will provide important documents, including your financial information. An offer will be given to you, which tells you the interest rate, terms, and other details about the loan.

Yes, you need to have boat insurance when you apply for a loan with us. It’s best to have insurance prior to sending us your boat loan application. We require all boat finance customers to have a valid certificate of currency issued by the insurance provider. This document confirms that you have an insurance policy, which also specifies the conditions of the insurance, its policy type, and premium payments. If you do not have the document in your hands, you can request a copy of your certificate of currency from your insurance provider.

Here at Loans Unlimited, we accept purchases of both new and used boats. Some of our partners place certain limitations based on the boat you wish to buy. For example, you may be able to borrow higher amounts for newer boat models. Nevertheless, you can use the funds to buy a multi-hull boat, pontoon, powerboat, or sailboat.

We have the leading lenders that can even provide you funds to purchase a yacht or any other expensive vessels. Do note that your application will be subject for approval. You can increase your chances of getting approved with the collateral you provide.

We accept purchases from almost anywhere, including private sellers, dealerships, and even auctions. Our goal is to help you get enough money so that you can purchase the boat of your dreams. If you wish to buy an old or used boat from a particular seller or dealer, there may be additional requirements. For instance, we may require inspection before you can buy the vessel.

You can count on Loans Unlimited to provide you with the most competitive rates for boat finance. Our lenders do consider certain factors to determine your interest, including your employment status and creditworthiness. The amount you wish to borrow, the loan term you requested, and the boat you want to purchase can also affect your interest. Note that the interest rate is mostly fixed. We practice transparency here, so you will immediately know the rate. If you have any trouble understanding your repayments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Loans Unlimited, we have lenders offering a variety of terms. Some can be as short as 12 months. You can qualify for a longer term, which can be from two years and up. The life of the loan will often depend on the lender and the amount you plan to borrow. You will be provided with the information you need once you are approved of the loan.

Yes, you can get boat financing with Loans Unlimited. If you live and work in Australia, you most likely have a 457 Visa. You may apply for a boat loan but make sure that you understand the rules and restrictions. The most important is that your loan should end and be paid three months before your visa expires.

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