Loans Unlimited is committed to providing you with clear communication and answers to your questions, that’s why we put together this FAQ’s page to allow you to get the answers you need and fast. We’ve included a range of general finance and loan questions, as well as more specific topics including car loans, leisure loans, personal loans and more.

Find our FAQ’s below:

Yes, you can. Unlike many other lenders, Loans Unlimited will help you find financing even if your only source of funds is through Centrelink. This is good news for you because you do not have to give up your dream to buy a new car or pay for a home renovation.
We accept applications from borrowers with Centrelink benefits as their source of income, including those who receive Single Parenting Payments, Tax A & B, and disability or age pension. You can apply for personal and car loans, as well as other types of loans whilst listing Centrelink as your income.

If you do have other sources of funds or a secondary form of income other than Centrelink, we encourage you to provide complete documentation. It will help speed up the process and strengthen your application. 

Yes, you can look at your credit file. You can view your credit score, as well as other pertinent information from the three credit reporting bodies in Australia. These are Equifax, CheckYourCredit (illion), and Experian. These credit reporting bodies are required by the law to provide any consumer with access to their credit report for free. If you have not requested for your credit file for the last 12 months, you can receive it without any charge.

All consumers can access their file if their credit application within the past 90 days has been refused or rejected. If you need to correct specific personal data relating to your credit history, you can request a free copy as well.

Every lender that you send your loan application to or even sent an enquiry will do a soft or hard credit pull to check if you are eligible for a particular financial product. By viewing your credit report, you can decide whether or not you have received a good deal from a lender based on your credit history. 

Interest rates vary from one person to another. Circumstances are unique, which is why interest rates can differ between each customer that we have. However, we do provide an estimate for your loan. This way, you will have an idea about how much the loan would cost you.

Please note that Loans Unlimited does not determine your interest rate. Rather, our panel of over 30 lenders decides on the rate based on certain factors. After taking time to look at your application, these lenders will select the reasonable interest rate for you, which will depend on your case.

Some of these factors include your living situation, such as whether you are boarding, renting, or mortgaged. They will also examine your work history and other relevant things, such as the length of employment in your current job. Other important considerations include your credit score and age of credit file (for those with previous loans). If you have a bad credit history, it’s time to repair it. Read this guide for some helpful tips.

When life gives you surprises, you want to know where you can get fast cash. If you apply for a loan with Loans Unlimited, you will experience a quick, hassle-free process. However, the approval will depend on your application.

If you wish to be approved on the same day or in just a few days, it is best if you are asset-backed. What it means is that your loan is secured with collateral. Many of our lenders will provide you with an immediate response so that you can pay for whatever purchase or payment you need to do.

On the other hand, if you are a part-time or casual employee and you have a bad credit history, it may take a while to get approval from our lenders. It would help to provide more information, such as bank statements, to support your application. The quicker you send the needed documents, the faster your application will be evaluated.