Loans Unlimited has a network of insurers that offer a wide variety of insurance products. Choose from Westpac, ANZ, Liberty, Pepper Money, and more! Not sure which is the best for you and your situation? Give us a call, and our friendly representative will guide you through the process.

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Why You

Need Insurance

Insurance products offer different benefits, but they are all useful in protecting you against certain issues. For example, if you were ever unemployed suddenly or had to stop working due to an injury, you may wonder who will pay for your loans. Making repayments is the last thing you want to worry about in these circumstances. Luckily, having the right insurance can cover the remaining loan balance you may have.

Another benefit is if you had a car breakdown, especially on the road. Mechanical failures are not exactly cheap, so how are you going to pay for the repair? It is a good thing that you can turn to the appropriate insurance that can get you out of this financial hardship in no time.

How to Find the

Right Insurance Product

Before you apply for insurance, be sure that you know your available options. Take a look below:
  • When you want to be covered for any vehicle loss or damage, choose comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.
  • If your vehicle is declared a complete loss, be protected against any shortfall in funds. What you need is a GAP or shortfall insurance covering the funds between a payout for your insurance and your loan.
  • Vehicles are just like any other product. They are at risk of failure, particularly their engine and transmission. When a breakdown happens, be sure you are covered with the help of mechanical breakdown insurance. You can use the coverage not just for cars but also for any type of vehicles, such as boats, caravans, and trucks.
  • Life can have unexpected twists and at some point, you may be unable to make your repayments. This could be due to unemployment or sickness, and this is where Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) can help. In an event such as these, CCI is a way to have your repayments covered.

Sometimes, you need more than just vehicle-related insurance. If you get sick or injured and cannot pay for your loans, choose loan protection insurance. This type of insurance is not just for individuals. If you run a business, you also require specific coverage in case of unfortunate circumstances. Opt for business loan protection insurance to get assistance in repaying the commercial mortgage and other business loans.


Before choosing the insurance product, read your Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Financial Services Guides (FSG). These documents will give you the necessary information about the financial service and product. They will help itemise what and what’s not covered.

How We

Can Help

Loans Unlimited makes it easy for you to search for and choose an insurer. Insurance products are among the must-haves of any individual and business. However, many Australians still do not understand why they should get insured. Our experts are available to talk to if you are unsure of which product to go for. We will also explain to you how you can benefit from them.

Insurance can provide financial security, not just for you but for your family as well. It is a product, when carefully chosen, will assist you during a great need. Get started today and call 1300 212 200 for expert guidance.

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