It’s hard to compare the thrill of riding a motorcycle. From weekend cruisers, to dirt bikes, and everything in between, motorcycles offer freedom that can’t be compared to other vehicles. If you like the idea of escaping traffic (safely and legally, of course), saving on petrol, and enjoying the wind on your face, then a motorbike is for you.

We offer a range of motorcycle loans with low interest rates and flexible payment terms. You’ll save money when you obtain motorcycle finance from Loans Unlimited.

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Benefits of a

Motorcycle Loan

A motorcycle is often cheaper than a car, but buying it is equally a significant commitment. Let’s face it: not everyone has the capability to pay for a motorbike in full.

That’s where we come in. Here at Loans Unlimited, we have specially tailored motorbike loans for people who want to get their hands on their dream motorbike.

By financing your motorcycle purchase with us, you can:

  • Obtain ownership of your motorcycle faster
  • Save money for other costs, such as personalisation and safety courses
  • Enjoy worry-free payments
  • Save time and money without paying more than you should
  • Pick the schedule for repayments, how much, and how long

You’re in total control. Choose a new or used motorbike from a dealership, private seller, or auction. It’s easy and absolutely no hassle. We’ll even help you figure out how much you can afford so that you do not borrow more than you need.

Always secure financing first before you visit a dealer. If you plan to buy from a private seller, you will most likely need to pay the amount in full. Keep this in mind when determining the best place to shop.

Why Choose Loans Unlimited FOR

Motorbike Finance

Loans Unlimited will give you flexible financing opportunities. You can search for a motorcycle knowing there is a finance expert that understands your requirements.

Get on the road faster when you apply for motorbike finance from us. With years of experience in the finance industry, we have become a highly reputable source for loans in Australia.

Our goal is to help as many motorcycle enthusiasts as possible to buy the vehicle they have always dreamt of owning. Not only that, but our favourable rates are difficult to match. We want you to save money by:

  • Offering custom loan packages for your unique situation
  • Helping you out with the right motorcycle loan that meets your budget
  • Giving you flexibility for loan payments
  • Providing low-interest rates

Loans Unlimited is a finance company that works with you and for you. We make sure the process is quick and stress-free. Whatever your motorbike is used for, whether it’s work or leisure, we will help you find the best loan.

Are you ready to own a motorcycle? Get your motorcycle finance from Loans Unlimited today!

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Motorcycle Finance Calculator

How Much Will It Cost?

Our motorbike loan calculator will help you find out how much you can afford weekly or monthly. The calculator is easy to use with adjustable interest, term, and amount. Applying for a loan just got simpler!

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



1 year7 years

5 years

4% interest P.A15% interest P.A

Interest p.a. 5.1%
Repayment period:
Balloon payment:
Balloon Percent 30%

Repayment is

$278 p/w

$24900 balloon payment

How We

Can Help

Whether it’s your first bike, your dream Harley or an off road machine, we can help you get on the open road or dirt trail sooner. Our experts can get your finance sorted fast.

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