If you run a delivery service business or rely on in-house transportation for your goods, you will need commercial motor vehicles. To purchase these, you need affordable commercial car finance.

Did you apply for a car loan but the banks turned you down? Many mainstream lenders have plenty of conditions and document requirements that you may not be able to meet. We can help.

Purchase the car, van, ute, or light truck that you need with the help of a commercial car loan. Keep your business rolling with the most suitable car financing for you. We want you to focus on your business, so you can leave your car financing worries to us. Our lenders offer competitive rates and flexible terms for business owners and sole traders with an ABN.

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Our experience in the industry has taught us that financing depends on the requirements of the borrower. We understand that you need quick facts with straight answers when it comes to your financing choices.
This is why we always tailor the loan based on your business, its needs, and your budget. We have a variety of lenders with different loans to suit your individual needs.
Just like personal car loans, our commercial car financing can either be secured or unsecured. If you are willing to use your business as collateral, you can enjoy lower rates. Unsecured loans are easy to process because it does not require collateral or security.
A commercial car loan can help you in many ways:
  • You get to ease the financial burden of paying the entire amount of the car purchase.
  • A car loan offers manageable financial repayments each month, allowing you to budget your finances effectively.
  • It only takes a few days to get approval after you have sent your application. With banks, you often have to wait a month or more.
  • Requirements are easy to acquire. We offer low-doc loans, so you get the cash fast!
  • Options are flexible and based on what will suit your situation. We have fixed-rate car loans, as well as secured and unsecured financing.
  • Once you get approved for the car loan, you can immediately pay for the car you wish to buy.
Loans Unlimited does not require excellent credit history. Buy a used or brand new vehicle despite your credit standing.
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The PRocess

How Can You Get A Commercial Vehicle Loan?

You do not have to go anywhere to apply for a commercial car loan. We have made it easy for you to send us your application with these three steps:

    • 1. Apply here on the website by supplying us with your information, including your business details.
    • 2. Please wait for our response as we evaluate your application.
    • 3. Get approved and receive the funds that you can use to buy the vehicle you need.

Are you ready to move your business forward? We accept all companies as long as they possess an Australian Business Number (ABN). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Loans Unlimited. Our friendly staff will help you get the vehicle financing you need.

Commercial Car Loans Calculator

How Much Will It Cost?

Money matters, such as car loans, are often difficult to decide on. You need a good plan to arrange your finances appropriately. If you are interested in getting a commercial car loan, you can use our calculator to estimate your repayments.

Our online calculator features balloon payments and repayment schedule. Get the ball rolling and apply for a commercial car loan with Loans Unlimited today!



1 year7 years

5 years

4% interest P.A15% interest P.A

Interest p.a. 5.1%
Repayment period:
Balloon payment:
Balloon Percent 30%

Repayment is

$278 p/w

$24900 balloon payment

How We

Can Help

Our expert team are here to help you find the right commercial finance for a new car, truck, ute or van for your business. Our experience means we source the best finance, repayments and rates to make the process as simple as possible. We are here to help your business reach the next level.

Contact our team on 1300 212 200 today.

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