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Are you looking for the best deal on caravan finance? You’ve come to the right place! Loans Unlimited is the leading camper trailer, and recreational vehicle finance broker in Australia. With our experience in the industry, we have garnered access to 30 of the country’s best lenders.

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Get YourCamper, Caravan or RV Finance
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Want to buy your own motorhome, but don’t have the necessary savings to do so? In reality, even second hand options can be expensive. That’s where we come in.

We offer a range of options, including both secured and unsecured loans. With access to a huge number of lenders with competitive rates, we can help you obtain the best finance for your individual needs.

How CanLoans Unlimited Help You?

We know that looking for the right finance that meets your needs and budget can be difficult. It is why we will help you compare all your loan options. We do the leg work, so you don’t have to!

It can be quite confusing to select the right caravan loan. Although it always pays to compare, you may not understand some of the terms or any additional fees. Loans Unlimited will do the research and comparison work for you. We have a network of lenders that we can match with your financing requirements. This also gives you a better chance of getting approved.

Some lenders restrict the type of caravan that you are allowed to buy. When you work with us, we will help you find a lender that allows you to purchase your preferred vehicle. You can own your own luxury, pop-out, or wind-up, or teardrop trailer, fifth wheeler, or motorhome.

What MakesUs Different?

We pair you with the right lender so that you can get the financing your need – minus the headaches. Loans Unlimited offers caravan loans with:

  • Competitively low-interest rates
  • An option between a secured and unsecured loan
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Attractive loan terms

When you choose us to help you with your finance needs, we promise there are no hidden surprises in your contract.

We never encourage you to commit to a high loan amount, especially if it is more than what you can afford to pay back. Our friendly staff can give you advice so that you make the right choice before you purchase a caravan.

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Loan CalculatorHow Much Will It Cost?

Here at Loans Unlimited, we want you to understand how it will cost. This will enable you to have a worry-free holiday with caravan financing that fits your needs.

Use our calculator to work out how much you can afford to borrow. Then, figure out how your repayments will affect your regular expenses.



1 year7 years

5 years

4% interest P.A15% interest P.A

Interest p.a. 5.1%
Repayment period:
Balloon payment:
Balloon Percent 30%

Repayment is

$278 p/w

$24900 balloon payment

Caravan Loan FAQs

Beware of offers that claim they are “guaranteed,” which can especially be tempting if you have a bad credit history. Loans Unlimited is always transparent with our customers, so it can be a little difficult to get finance if your credit score is low.

With that being said, it does not mean you cannot buy a caravan on finance. We’re here to help you get the most affordable rate possible. We have a high percentage of approval from the loan applications that we receive regularly. Many of these applications come from people with bad credit histories.

The law does not require you to have an insurance policy for your caravan. However, we may need you to have comprehensive caravan insurance on the caravan that you have purchased. This requirement stands for the whole duration of your loan.

Please note, however, that it is a legal requirement to have compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. It applies to the vehicle that tows the caravan, particularly if it is driven on public roads. Having CTP insurance is enough to cover your caravan in case of theft or accident, but only while it is attached to the insured car.

Yes, we may be able to extend the loan warranty for your caravan. It will only cost a few dollars on top of your weekly or monthly loan repayments. Please do not hesitate to ask a Loans Unlimited specialist about the full range of products to insure you and purchase. Some solutions available cover Extended Warranties and Asset Protection.

Some lenders are willing to provide a zero-deposit offer. However, it is mostly available for those with stellar profiles, such as good to excellent credit records. If you have a bad credit history, it may not be possible to receive such an offer. Rest assured that we at Loans Unlimited work very hard to help you get the lowest deposit offer that we can get hold of for you.

Once your loan has been accepted, we will contact you through email or phone. To proceed to the next steps, we will organise a time that’s convenient for you. That way, you can immediately sign the required documents. You will also be notified when it is time for you to take home the caravan you have wanted to purchase usually within 24 hours upon approval.

You can buy a new or used caravan from a dealership. You can also purchase from a private seller. Unlike other companies, Loans Unlimited does not want you to miss out on attractive offers. However, a caravan that is being sold privately means that we will require more time to assess the vehicle as per the financier’s request.

This step is crucial to ensure that the cost is paid in full when you’re ready to take possession of the caravan. Don’t worry because we’ll do all the legwork for you. All you need to do is to plan your next caravan trip.

Loans Unlimited mostly caters to borrowers whose purpose is to use their caravans for recreational or travel purposes. If you would like to use the caravan as your permanent home, some lenders are hesitant with such use. Nevertheless, we will try to find financing for you. You will hear from us quickly if our panel of lenders does not support caravans used as a mobile home.

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No matter if it’s your first caravan or you’re a veteran, we can find the best finance solution for you. We will help you hit the open road and start exploring all that Australia has to offer!

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