When it is time for your next adventure, one of the biggest roadblocks is the lack of funds to purchase a recreational vehicle. Luckily, we have a solution for you. Get a leisure finance loan to have the cash ready to buy a jet ski, caravan, boat, or motorbike. The choice is up to you!

Benefits of

Leisure Finance Loans

There are many reasons why people go for a leisure finance loan. Purchasing a jet ski, trailer, caravan, or any recreational vehicle means shelling out a ton of cash. But it is worth the investment. You can have the opportunity to escape from the stresses of life – even if it is temporary.

When you work hard every day, it is essential to stay motivated so you can keep on going. Leisure vehicles are exactly what the name suggests. They are made for leisure and for you to relax. Take a moment and see what is out there, whether you drive a trailer or go on a jet ski ride. Have fun as you hit the road or the shoreline.

If you have been putting off applying for a licence to get and drive a motorbike, now is your chance. Challenge yourself and go for it with the right leisure loan. You can choose to spend time with your family and friends or even go on an adventure alone.

Reward yourself and gain the benefits for leisure finance loans. You know you deserve it.

Different Leisure Finance

Products to Choose From

When searching for a loan, you want to make sure it suits your case. As much as possible, it should have competitive rates with an easy application process. When you meet the requirements, the lender should offer fast approvals. Flexible terms are also incredibly attractive for borrowers.

Here are your choices for leisure finance from Loans Unlimited:

Boat Loans

Are you excited to explore the waterways in Australia?

If it is your dream, don’t let it get away just because you cannot afford to pay for a boat upfront. It is what Loans Unlimited is for. We will help you find competitive loan rates and repayments you can afford. You do not have to worry even if you have bad credit because we will find the best option for you.

Jet Ski Finance

Loans Unlimited is one of your very first steps towards a new jet ski. Call us, and you can get the financing you need. You can shop for the jet ski you want just like other cash buyers.

Whatever you needs for a personal watercraft, we can help you find the right solution to suit your finances

Caravan and Camper Trailer

The great Australian outdoors is waiting for you to discover their beauty. Find a good value caravan and camper trailer loan only here at Loans Unlimited. We will help you look for a loan that matches your situation and requirements.

All types are secured loans, meaning you can enjoy the benefit of a much lower interest rate. You will, of course, need collateral to get approved.

How We

Can Help

Loans Unlimited will help you fuel your leisure life with suitable loan options. We have decades of industry experience, which allows us to understand your requirements. When you need assistance in securing finance, we are here, so you find one that fits your circumstances.

We have access to a range of financial products from our vast network of lenders. Using our connections, you only have to provide us with details about your requirements. Then, you can leave the job to us as we endeavour to search for the best leisure finance for you.

Together with our finance partners, Loans Unlimited has unbeatable offers. You can use our calculator to calculate your repayments each week or month. Or, you can talk to one of our leisure loans experts.

Leisure Loan Calculator

How Much Do You Need?

If you are on set on your leisure lifestyle, our loan calculator can you decide how much you need, what interest you can manage and how long you want to pay it off.

Whether leisure finance is the right move for you will be dependent on your financial situation, but helping figure out monthly or weekly repayments can help you find that perfect leisure life!



1 year7 years

5 years

4% interest P.A15% interest P.A

Interest p.a. 5.1%
Repayment period:
Balloon payment:
Balloon Percent 30%

Repayment is

$278 p/w

$24900 balloon payment

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